The Akri are one of the seven races of Vueria. They are of Mirkind descent sharing close genetic links with all of the five races of the Quintanium. The exact origin of the Akri as with all of the seven races is unknown. It is widely believed that the Akri evolved in the cold north of the single continent of Apheria. They are widely considered by other races to be wise yet cruel beings, often finding their way to the top of hierarchies.


The Akri are considerably taller than all races apart from the Toman. On average the Akri range from 7-8 feet (1.8-2.1m) in height. They are slender to the point that they are no wider than a typical human. Proportionally their legs are much longer than other Quintanium species placing the centre of their abdomen higher up with a ratio of roughly 40% from the top of head and 60% from the sole of the foot. This means that their torso and upper body is much more compact than other species proportionally.

The facial features of the Akri are fair, much resembling the face of the Aven. They have two slitted eyes with high, long, thin eyebrows. They have a long bridged nose and small pursed mouths. Akri hair colours range from white to mid-tone grey. Traditionally Akri hair style is left uncut and is kept perfectly straight. The ears of the Akri, as with all Mirkind, are elongated and highly receptive. The ears of the Akri however are much longer than the other Mirkind.