The Aven are one of the seven races of Vueria. They are of Mirkind descent sharing close genetic links with all of the five races of the Quintanium. The origin of the Aven as with all of the seven races is unknown. It is widely believed that the Aven evolved in the ancient plains of the single continent of Apheria. They are widely considered to be cunning and stealthy, often attributed to the criminal fraternity.


The Aven are a golden skinned people of Mirkind descent. Their appearance would be described as fair, yet harsh. Their prominent pointed facial features, although always fair and even, do not appear warm and welcoming to all races. The average height of an Aven is between 5′ 6″ and 6′ 4″ (1.7 – 1.9m), tending to stand just taller than the Stryd and Human.

Aven have two slitted red eyes with, long, thin eyebrows. They have a long bridged nose and small pursed mouths. Aven hair colours range from White to Pure blonde. Traditionally Aven hair style is tied into a bun or styled in one of the traditional cuts. The ears of the Aven, as with all Mirkind, are elongated and highly receptive.