The Human are one of the seven races of Vueria. They are of Mirkind descent sharing close genetic links with all of the five races of the Quintanium. The origin of the Human as with all of the seven races is unknown. It is widely believed that the Human evolved in the temperate grasslands of the single continent of Apheria. They are widely considered by other races to be hard working, considered beings.

Due to their comparatively low global population, they are often seen as inferior to the more populous races, although some see them as a rarity and worth preservation. Humans are not the most intelligent, most skilled, most able bodied of the races but neither are they the worst at any of those traits, and as such are viewed somewhat as an average benchmark for most things, being as they are, somewhere in-between the most and the least. It is for this reason the term humanoid was coined to describe those who share resemblance to humans, however Mirkind is the official term for the anatomy of the Quintanium.


Humans vary in appearance, from beautiful and fair to unseemly and unsightly. At their fairest they are largely indistinguishable from the Stryd, their features following much the same proportions in both facial structure and their body’s physical structure. Their average height ranges from 5′ 2″ to 6′ 2″ (1.6 – 1.8m).

The eye colour variance in humans is larger that in any other race in Vueria, as they can be born with any of the various eye colours. Human hair colours include shades of black, auburn, blonde and red. Traditionally Human male hair style is cut short whereas female hair is left to grow long. The ears of the human unlike any other of the Mirkind are rounded like the Toman, which means that they are not as receptive to sound as other Mirkind races,