Josie Annabelle Heart is a young history graduate currently working as a research assistant for The-University-Of-Casey. She lives with her friend Lexi in a house share on the outskirts of the city along with their pet Fluff.


Josie is an Atilusian Human female, with two Atilusian Human parents. She has long bright blonde hair which she styles to maximise volume, and has two strips that frame her face hanging in front of her ears. Her eyes are a deep blue taking after her mother’s. She has delicate petite facial features and would be considered attractive to the humanoid species. She has fair white skin discerning her as Atilusian of origin. She has a shapely athletic figure, standing at five foot six without heels. She often wears her trademark pink and dark burgundy shirt and jacket, but is well known for having more clothes than possibly necessary. She also often takes one of her many handbags out with her, Fluff usually contained within. She also prefers to wear her high heels when she can.


Josie was born and raised in a small town called Veras in Lazié. Daughter of Edgard and Lucie Heart she follows very much in their image as an Atilusian human. Humans are not so common on the continent of Atlius, and thus she did have trouble finding friends at her first school, Veras Garden. But she learnt from her parents and through practice that being pleasant and inclusive meant that people naturally warmed to her.

As she grew she became a much more confident and outgoing person, never refusing to help others. This did unfortunately sometimes land her in trouble, but she was bright and quickly learnt the most suitable ways to respond to certain situations. By the time she graduated from her second school St Helen’s High, she had become an intelligent, attractive young woman, drawing a lot of attention with her effortless looks.

The town of Veras had no local college, so she traveled the long one and a half hour journey into Aubain every day to attend one of the most prestigious academies in the country, Aubain Academy. It was here she met her future friend Lexi, who was to begin with no friend at all. In fact the two started the year very much at odds, with Lexi trying to be better than Josie at every available opportunity. However the two eventually sorted out their differences when Lexi went to Josie’s dorm to apologies for being so terrible to her. The two didn’t immediately get along after that, but they stopped trying to destroy each other. During the second year of college the two were put together for one of their classes and discovered that despite their differences they were incredibly similar, and their friendship blossomed.

Josie graduated from Aubain Academy with straight A’s and could have attended any university in the country, but she chose to follow Lexi and attend The-University-Of-Casey. Josie was very popular at university, while Lexi became a little more introverted choosing to practice her art. Josie studied her favourite subject, history and has a particular interest in the period of time known as The-Mythological-Age. She and Lexi grew very close during this time, Josie always confiding in Lexi and vice versa. The two would do everything they could together, and so when graduation came it was only natural for them to rent a house together. Josie and Lexi loved life in Casey so much that they decided to stay there rather than move back home to Lazié.

Josie now lives with her friend Lexi in a reasonably sized two bedroom house located on the north eastern outskirts of the city of Casey, in the Atilusian state of Vallon. She works as a history research assistant at The-University-Of-Casey. She recently adopted a pet rabbit from the animal impound and named him fluff.