The Stryd are one of the seven races of Vueria. They are of Mirkind descent sharing close genetic links with all of the five races of the Quintanium. The origin of the Stryd as with all of the seven races is unknown. It is widely believed that the Stryd evolved in the temperate grasslands and forests of the single continent of Apheria. They are widely considered by other races to be effeminate, creative, considered beings.

Stryd have a reputation as being beautiful, and are considered as such by most of the seven races. Within some societies, there is a social divide based on the Strydan cultural custom of family heritage. Strydan families can extend to hundreds and sometimes even thousands of members which are known as houses. The more powerful houses are more prominent and widely recognised, even outside of the Strydan community. Strydan family members are marked with the traditional house colour ink and emblem to indicate to which house they belong. This practice does still continue today, but is less prominent than in generations past. Strydans are expected to uphold the family name and marry into a respectable house.


Stryd are fair in appearance rarely suffering from deformity or unsightlyness. Their facial features are often very symetrical and propionate, their body proportions are very similar to humans. Their average height ranges from 5′ 2″ to 6′ 2″ (1.6 – 1.8m).

The eye colour variance in Stryd varies dependant on ethnicity. Atilusian Stryd have blue, pink or purple eyes, Stravian Stryd have blue or turquoise eyes, Egathrian Stryd have brown or grey eyes and Irlean Stryd have brown eyes. Strydan hair colours include shades of black, auburn, blonde, pink, purple and red. Strydan hair styles vary dependant on cultural fasion, Strydan hair can also somtimes be tied into house style, typically however male hair is cut short whereas female hair is left to grow long.

The ears of the Stryd, as with all Mirkind apart from humans, are elongated and highly receptive.