The Quintanium

The Quintanium, is the term used typically to refer to the five races of humanoids. It is widely believed that the five races of the Quintanium share a common ancestor that is not present in the ancestry of the Tomen and the Othmen. The term originates from the name of the powerful Irlean syndicate that formed during the Middle Age, who waged war on the native Irlean desert tribes based on racial divides. The syndicate believed that The Tomen and Othmen were beasts and should be treated as such. On this basis they set out to conquer and subjugate them, laying the foundations for the Irlean empire that followed. 

Over time the term has lost its original racist origins, and has instead come to be a colloquialism to refer to the five humanoid races and their shared anatomy. Some consider ‘Humanoid’ to be a derogative term, stating that they are somehow a derision of the human form, implying that humans are the origin.

The Quintanium consists of (in alphabetical order):