Princess Allura ©2018 Dreamworks

This is a fan art I made of the fabulous Princess Allura, after watching all of Dreamworks Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. If you’re interested as to why continue reading ^^

Okay, so as I’m sure a lot of you might already know, I don’t really do fan arts, mostly because I have my own characters and I don’t like to depreciate other peoples characters by imagining them in scenarios other to those that they are intended for. But something about the characters in this series compelled me to draw this, hopefully I can explain why:

Watching Voltron I found it initially to be very formulaic and cheesy, and after going back and watching the original series retrospectively (to gain some historic and referential perspective), I can see that the cheese is pretty much all translated from the original format, and trying to tie the new and old together. However I was drawn into watching on despite this, as the voice acting and writing in general wasn’t to shabby, and the art style and quality was amazing.

As the series progressed it seemed to find its feet a bit more, the writing less formulaic and venturing into darker and darker territories. The character development throughout all of this meant that even Lance became a much loved member of the team by the end. But since her first appearance, Allura has been a joy to watch. A paragon of everything good and just yet also badass and not afraid to kick some Galra butt. She has always been the most interesting character of this series, and despite the slightly flawed attempt at a British accent, every scene she’s involved in is always dominated by her presence. Well that’s how I find it anyway ^^;

So to pay tribute to this awesome reboot series, and some great character design and development, I thought I’d put my own lil stamp on it as I imagined her ^^