[COM] – Tiah

Tiah ©2019 Lordorange 

This is a Deluxe Colour commission for Lordorange – For more information on commissions and how to book see: COMMISSION INFO 2019

Lordorange wanted to see their OC Tiah standing in this pose by a pool in summer time. I really tried to push the boat out with the backgrounds of this and the previous commission. 

For those who are interested in the behind the scenes ‘how its made’; I’ve started experimenting more with the watercolour brushes. I looked at anime style backgrounds and took away the use of blues in foliage to create the appearance of depth, which is something I’ve tried to make the most of here. I also used my limited understanding of Bob Ross’ tips and tricks to create the backdrop. All in all I think its a vast improvement on my earlier background technique. For those more interested in the technical side of things, I used Clip studio paint to create everything in a single file. For the background I only used a combination of three different brush tips. Using the default brush sets, I repurposed the oil brushes by increasing the colour stretch and changing the sensitivity of paint amount etc. to follow pen pressure, effectively making them water colour brushes. But because they are a randomised scatter tip shape, they are perfect for detailing the foreground foliage. The backdrop was all done using the watercolour brush mixing blues and whites for the mountains and greens and blues for the foliage.