Fan Art – Maid Mischa

I don’t know how many people have been hanging on the edge of their seats since the start of the year waiting for this series, but i’ve finally got around to drawing the final fan art piece that you voted for (see:¬†Tuesday Tidings – 22)

Thanks for everyone who voted, sorry for the delay, but hopefully this proves that if i say I’m gunna do something, I (eventually)¬†actually do it ^^

So as I eluded to, this is the third and final fan art piece from the fan art poll. Here is my attempt at drawing the fabulous maid mischa owned by bouncymischa. I love the way her valve is in her hip there, and an all around fun character to draw. Tried a few new tricks and techniques but nothing too out of the ordinary. Be sure to check out bouncymischa‘s gallery for more pics of maid mischa and others ^^

Here are the links to the other fan art pieces from this poll series:

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