Fluffs Saloon

Done as a request for

Bita Info:

Alice ‘Skie’ Maree ©2015 Skie-Maree
Josie Heart & Fluff ©2015 Penoda 

Well I say it was requested by Skie, but I’ve been itching to do an image of Skie for quite a while now. The story behind this one is that Fluff has somehow managed to get both Josie and Skie’s boobies to grow… Fluff manipulated Skie’s milk tally, meaning she has drunk more than the recommended dose… And Josie (as per) has been plugged into an air tank Fluff just so happened to have lying around XD

I treated this one as a commission. I spent more time on this one than any image I’ve done here on DA, so if you’re thinking of commissioning when I eventually get around to it, this is a good base of standard and style.

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