Saria: The Blow Up Doll

Saria ©2019 PrincessSammyXaxas & Chaos-force 

So this is a fun little idea PrincessSammyXaxas is doing, whereby they drew a starting image, and you can decide what happens next.

Starting image:

So I gave Sammy a few options of things i’d be willing to draw and this is the one they preferred. 

The Story:

One day, Saria Greendale decided to take a trip to her local library. She had heard a whisper… one that spoke of a room, hidden away… but containing many ancient books. Leaping at the opportunity of increasing her intelligence Saria soon discovered a hidden door at the back of the library. As she peered inside, she saw an old, dusty room full of ancient books which looked as though they hadn’t been opened in centuries. Dust coated the many colourful leather-bound books. Some were untitled, and the ones that had titles were each rather peculiar. Books of spells and witchcraft, of old conspiracies, and of places that Saria had never even heard of, like ‘Xa-xas’. 

She gazed around at the books, brushing the dust off the titles before peering along… but there was one that seemed to catch her attention… On the table, there sat a brown, leather bound book with a strange golden symbol at the front. It was quite large, and wrapped in rusted metal chains… She couldn’t understand why, but it only peaked her curiosity further. 

Saria slowly removed the chains, picked up the book, grasped it at either side, and slowly opened it. As she did, she felt a mighty breeze rush into the room. All of a sudden, the pages began to randomly flicker open, until she found herself gazing at page 439. Upon the page, there were many strange markings and symbols; all of which were alien to her. There was also some rather crude drawings too… drawings of… an over-exaggerated female form

Runes began to fly off the page, each strange symbol… beginning to make sense. Her mind began to expand at an alarming rate, as she tried to comprehend the scale of her discovery… but it was incomprehensible! The scale and the power of these beings; gods capable of weaving and altering all of reality with a mere flick of a wrist. She began to understand everything; the scale of the universe, the reason for her existence… she tried to look away but she couldn’t close her eyes, nor could she move her hands. She was paralysed, as she learned of cosmic secrets that no mortal should ever know about… and it was too much. 

The knowledge was too much for her; as the runes began to twist and swirl around her. Her human form was becoming unstable, as she kept processing this information. She felt as though her soul was being stretched and torn to pieces; each experiencing a different reality from this point… The runes began to coat her body, as she felt her form beginning to warp and change, unable to control it… the knowledge was entering her and seemed to be pushing her essence out.

Slowly her skin changed before her eyes, blemishes disappearing before being replaced with an artificial shiny hue, her arms rose into a fixed L position, leaving her unable to close the book. As more and more runes flew out of the book and into her, her breasts began to inflate like twin orbs beneath her green sweater, her waist being pinched impossibly thin as if being squeezed by an invisible hand. More and more knowledge flowed from the book filling her hollow body as she dropped to the floor on her now plushy rear, bouncing into the corner of the room as her legs rose, leaving her feeling very exposed. 

She got bigger and puffier as she watched on helplessly. A feeling of fullness started to rise as she could contain no more knowledge and a strange tingling her arose within her bellybutton. With a slight pop, an inflation valve rose out of her stomach, ending her inflation. The knowledge of the book continued to swirl from the book wrapping around her and licking her like flames. But she could do nothing, for she was now just an empty storage vessel for this knowledge with no way of using it, or thinking of anything other than how sensitive her tightly inflated body now was, waiting, perhaps hoping for someone to find her…