Fan Art – Suki

A little while ago I posted a poll asking which of my favourite DA characters you’d like to see me draw, and top of the poll was MilkyBody‘s Suki. Now is it coincidence or meticulous planning that I just so happened to post it on his birfday… We’ll never know ^^ Either way happy birfday Mabo, and thank you for creating such a beautiful character!

I’m sure nobody is really that interested in this stuff, but I think I’ll also talk a bit about the image, as I did try out a few new things with this. With every drawing I’ve done I’ve learnt new and ‘better’ ways of doing stuff, or at least ways of doing stuff that I prefer. With this one, I really tried to capture the essence of the character in my disney derived style, but added some more detail in the line work. All I did to achieve this was; after the final lines were in place I contoured the outer lines making a greater profile thickness which offsets the thiner detail lines within. I think it really gives it more of a cartoon appeal, and makes it that bit more stylistic. So this is something I definitely want to use more in future.

I also played around with the way I coloured this. It’s based on my previous technique of shading, but I used the blend tools of manga studio to get those really subtle gradients over the curves. What’s amazing is it actually took me less time and effort than my previous technique of using the brush and eraser tools. Hair is, as always, an ongoing experiment. I think I’m getting closer to a style I like. The problem is, it always ends up looking so static. So thats something to work on.

I had a lot of fun drawing Suki, she has a lot of personality, which made it fairly easy to settle on a pose. I did think about doing an inflation pic, but in the end decided to just draw her in her ‘vanilla’ state. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Thanks again for voting, I’m glad you all chose Suki, she’s a real gem. And Happy Birfday again Mabo, hope you have a good one ^^

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