Trade – Attack of The Bodacious Balloons

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Josie ©2020 Penoda
Sera ©2020 Snow-chanDA

This is my part of a trade with Snow-chanDA

We bandied around a fair few ideas before settling on this one, this is my interpretation of the scenario with a little narrative to go with it:

Josie and Sera are beset on all sides by a veracious pack of predatory balloons. Their sole purpose is to add to their number, and so they encircle their prey and immobilise them before discharging themselves into every available opening. They quickly discovered that Josie had a purpose built valve, and started ballooning her boobs. Sera on the other hand had taken the brunt of the assault, as the balloons attached themselves to her nipples, belly and butt, all inflating her simultaneously. Josie tries to reach out to Sera to comfort and hold her close, but the balloons keep them from each other, continuing their relentless assault. 

You can check out Snow-chanDA‘s part here: